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Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors, Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, and all there is to Know

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The Samsung Galaxy S series has been one of the most consistent brands on the market for years, and Samsung intends on kicking off the release of the S7 with a bang. It’s looking more and more like the best one yet, meaning the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. The sleek, sexy, and truly unique design has analysts drooling over all that has been speculated on in such a short amount of time.

With the Galaxy S6 due to be released in a matter of days, we are already uncovering many Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors including an amazing new design, and a whole lot of new features. Despite the popularity of the Galaxy S series, the declining sales over the past couple of years has Samsung looking to turn up the heat. Based on what we have seen so far, they have picked the perfect concept and features that will appeal to consumers worldwide.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors, Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept

Looking closer look at one of the most anticipated upcoming Android smartphones, this preview takes a closer look at the many Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors, Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, and all there is to Know.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors

[AdSense-A]There is no doubt that the S7 will be the first Samsung flagship seen in 2016, and the stage is already set for a Mobile World Congress debut. The huge expectations centered on the new features and high quality specs seems to be more than they have been in recent years.

There are numerous Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors that a being leaked out of Samsung HQ, as many analysts seem to believe it’s a marketing ploy to have consumers wanting more. If right, it’s definitely working. The many rumors we’re seeing out of Korea fully supports the overall direction of the tech giant as the hopes of maintaining current and bringing in a new consumer base is already underway.

Speculation on a new metal design, 30 MP camera, and of course, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge rumors, consumers are in for a real treat. The Galaxy S7 Edge looks to be one of the best concept phones yet, and will sport a slightly larger screen than the S7. The Edge controls will be better adapted for one handed functionality with the thinner S7 design, and will add a whole new meaning of a mobile, multimedia experience.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date; US, UK, Korea, China, Japan, Germany, Europe, and More

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy S7 release date will be made official at the 2016 MWC event in Barcelona, but already we are hearing the first consumer sighting will be in Korea at the end of March. The March 2016 Korea Samsung Galaxy S7 release date will mark the first chance any consumer will get their hands on of the next Galaxy S smartphone. Both the standard and S7 Edge will launch on the same day in South Korea before the rest of the world.

Asian markets are likely to see the S7 release before those of us in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Europe, and the rest of the world. After the release in markets in Asia, we can expect the US Galaxy S7 release, UK, Canada, and India will be next, and should be by mid-April. Other markets worldwide are rumored to launch the S7 by mid to late April.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price; US, UK, Korea, China, Japan, Germany, Europe, and More

The price is likely to near $1000 for an unlocked Galaxy S7 Edge version here in the US. Prices worldwide will be pretty consistent with the S7 Edge being the most expensive model. Rumors on the standard model being about $100 less for the 128 GB version, and is expected to range between $700 and $900.

Preorder Info

Getting in on a Samsung Galaxy S7 preorder will be the only way to secure on one on the day of release. In the UK, both Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse will feature preorders weeks before many of the other top cell carriers in the UK. This has been the trend in previous years and both are likely to start pre-registration right after the Mobile World Congress event.

In the US, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T are likely to start pre-orders within two weeks after the MWC event. There’s been minimal information if T-Mobile and US Cellular will feature the S7 release, but we are almost certain they will. Consumers can take advantage of US Galaxy S7 preorders through Sprint, Verizon, ad AT&T for sure if you are looking to have the phone shipped to you or ready for pickup without having to worry about backorders.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs Detailed; Screen, Processor, RAM, Camera, Concept Design

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs

[AdSense-A]The mounting rumors on the Samsung Galaxy S7 specs shows the intentions out of the tech giant with their newest Galaxy S flagship. Samsung looks to integrate all of the top specifications to make this a productivity powerhouse for business and personal uses. The S7 Edge will add a unique element that was missing out of the earlier models, and looks to improve on the previous Samsung Edge variants that we have all fell in love with.

Below are all the specifications on the S7 camera, processor, RAM, Camera specs, Battery, and More.


Samsung is likely to integrate a 4K OLED screen display into the S7. This will give users the best visual quality with an unheard of ppi of over 700. We’re talking about the best visual quality that users will notice when watching movies, videos, and surfing the net. With a screen resolution of 4096 x 2160, this will be the best Galaxy S screen yet.

Processor and RAM

The S7 will feature octa-core Exynos processor clocked at 3.5 – 3.7GHZ. This will make processing, multi-tasking, and productivity on the Galaxy S7 one of the best smartphone experiences. The octa-core processor will make it possible to integrate a 4K display that will make the resolution smooth, and transition from one frame to another look natural. To fully support the processing speed, the S7 will boast 4-5GB RAM.

Camera Specs

Both the Samsung Galaxy S7 front and rear cameras will be much improved over the already fan-favorite Galaxy S6 cameras. We have heard strong rumors supporting the integration of a 13 MP front and 30 MP rear camera. For those looking for some amazing photo, video, and selfie experiences, you have got to consider what these cameras will do.


As is the case with any smartphone, you can have all the features in the world, but they won’t mean much without battery power. The S7 battery is rumored to be a 4000 mAh Li-ion battery that will provide over 48 hours of strong battery life. Perfect for business and personal use, and when coupled with rapid charging plus and wireless charging features, it will mean a true mobile, multimedia experience.

Design Concept

There are many rumors that Samsung is likely to integrate a new, composite design for the phone’s exterior. The metal surround is likely to be more of a metal composite that will give the S7 an amazing visual appeal, while also making the phone much lighter. Users have been asking for more of a premium look and feel to the Galaxy S series while remaining lightweight, and it looks like they will be getting both.

The plastic design that we have come to know is definitely out with the new concept and will be replaced with a much more durable metal frame. One of the biggest drawbacks with a metal body seen in other smartphone brands has been the increased weight, but this will not be a problem with the Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Features; Sensors, Eye Scanner, Memory, Camera Features, Rapid Charging Plus

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Features

How is Samsung going to integrate so much into a 5.2” device? We’re really not sure as of yet, but we are sure to find out. The S7 is rumored to have a boat load of new features including including all of the standard sensors that we have come to see, and many new one’s that we have yet to see. Also, more memory, enhanced camera, faster charging, and a rumored eye scanner are rumored to be some of the many new Samsung Galaxy S7 features.


We are hearing more and more on new sensors that will further integrate the S7 with other Samsung devices. As Samsung looks to further extend the S7 concept with other devices such as Galaxy Gear watches, Gear VR headset, and more, we are expecting to see much more than the standard HR, compass, pedometer, sao2, and other health related sensors.

Camera Features

Samsung introduced us to the optical image stabilization feature and has since become the best camera feature seen in any smartphone. We are hearing reports of a new optical image stabilization plus feature that is likely to debut in the Galaxy S7 camera that will give users an even better video and camera experience. This will enhance the clarity, and make any natural movement non-existent.

Also rumored is a fully integrated 3D camera feature that will make create lifelike video and pictures.

Memory Features

In both the standard Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, there will be multiple memory options. Both will feature three options for internal memory including 16, 32, and 64 MB, and both will be expandable to 128 with a micro SD slot. There are new rumors that the S7 Edge will feature two external memory card slots, with each able to hold 128 MB.

The Verdict on the Samsung Galaxy S7

[AdSense-A]The information is out, and we have brought it all in to give you the most insight on things to come with the release of the Galaxy S7. With huge changes on the way including improvements in virtually all processes of the S7, consumer interest is only expected to increase. While most of the world patiently awaits the release of the Galaxy S6, some will be skipping the S6 in anticipation for the S7.

Stay tuned for more info on one of the top Android smartphones that has yet to be released including all Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors, Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Concept, and all there is to Know.